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       FuYa Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts.The major products are Head Rotor(VE Pump Parts) Nozzle,Plunger,Delivery Valve and so on.As a elder manufacturer for diesel engine parts, we keep step with the international standard and technics.And we absorb the advanced producing and testing technic.The quality of our products are in the same class with other overseas famous manufacturers.
Diesel: a new driving force for world car
Environmental protection and energy conservation is today's global automotive industry can avoid the two main themes. Energy-saving and environmental protection for the dual purpose of diesel-powered vehicles will become the future world's main models. All diesel engine, now is the time.

The main cause of pollution of the environment, in addition to industrial pollution, vehicle exhaust emissions, but also bear the brunt of diesel vehicles. Beginning in 1998, some of China's major cities have drawn up local regulations to restrict diesel vehicles entering the cities and replaced by the development of compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas of gas-fuel vehicles. This is largely dampened the diesel engine production enterprises to expand their markets and technological progress enthusiasm. Over the past 10 years, the diesel engine has been in the vehicle emission regulations apply the most stringent in Europe, the United States achieved a great success. Not only that, foreign cars with diesel engines are also increasingly common, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Renault, Volvo, and other European cars have diesel engines brand models. And large trucks and buses were used almost all diesel-powered. In the United States, even though gasoline prices cheaper, but because of the excellent dynamic performance diesel engine, 55% of the domestic freight through the completion of the diesel truck.

Diesel characteristic of the work itself is its low-emission engines. Modern diesel engines generally use EFI, common rail, turbocharged technology in the cold in the lower weight, noise and smoke control has been made a major breakthrough, reaching the level of gasoline engine, and exhaust HC, CO and CO2 content of less than gasoline engine and gas engine. China caused some cities to prohibit diesel vehicles culprit - Soot, by increasing injection pressure has been the method has been effectively resolved. New diesel particulate emissions reduced by 90%, generally 16 to 21, while gasoline engine only 7-10. Diesel is far greater than the thermal efficiency of gasoline engines, low fuel consumption than gasoline engine about 20 percent, CO2 emissions compared with gasoline engines also much lower. China calls for a new driving force for China's automotive diesel engine vehicles, the total production of the Toyota Motor Corp. of Japan only one year yield. Internal Combustion Engine Industry there is a more serious structural shortage, caused by diesel vehicle market has become a gap in the domestic market. Throughout China's history of the development of diesel-powered, in the 20th century, in the late 1980s, mainly to the diesel-powered heavy-duty trucks starting in China, so far the heavy-duty trucks have been used 100% of the diesel-powered, and 90% of large Diesel buses have been. Minibuses still in the area mainly to petrol-powered, homemade minibuses only use diesel-powered Nanjing Iveco, other models are used petrol Evidently incomplete varieties of products in China is one of the weaknesses automotive products.

China is the oil importing countries, so save fuel internal combustion engine industry has been an important industrial policy. At present, China's passenger car diesel engine development is still blank. For now diesel-powered, usually high noise, high vibration, high pollution phenomenon has gone forever. A new generation of diesel engines has been almost entirely the use of standard gasoline engines to meet the higher level user's needs. In China, even though many of diesel engine production enterprises such as: the fuel, Yuchai, the firewood, Xichai are already developed the use of advanced technology to achieve national environmental standards for diesel engines, but it does not mean diesel engine in the development of our country has entered easy, some of the external factors constraining its promotion and application:

China has yet to be upgrading the quality of diesel. Fuel quality will have a direct impact on the normal operation of automobile engine life, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, the need for environment-friendly engines matched with the clean fuel, high-quality implementation of the fuel emission standards prerequisite. Many countries have adopted the mandatory regulations to improve fuel quality. China's diesel and the current poor quality, high-sulphur, which is only equivalent Europe and the United States pre-1990 levels, diesel standards proposed amendments are seriously lagging behind.

Vehicle overloading diesel vehicles emissions errors is also an important reason. China's trading serious overloading of vehicles, can be said to be a "chronic problem." Today, because of the transportation industry competitive, some vehicle owners to clearly only with 3-5 tons of vehicles, and simply loading more than 10 tons. This serious overloading not only pose a safety hazard, but also in the non-diesel engine under normal operation conditions, vehicle emissions errors caused serious pollution of the environment.

Vehicle maintenance irregularities, including the timely replacement of filter, and not in accordance with the provisions of re-calibration fuel injection system, the use of substandard lubricants.
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