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       FuYa Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts.The major products are Head Rotor(VE Pump Parts) Nozzle,Plunger,Delivery Valve and so on.As a elder manufacturer for diesel engine parts, we keep step with the international standard and technics.And we absorb the advanced producing and testing technic.The quality of our products are in the same class with other overseas famous manufacturers.
What is set the engine in the middle position?
Heard that some car engines in the car, then the car engine specific in what position? If the central engine car, which officers on the seat and why ordinary car engine is not on the middle cars?
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there are indeed some car engines placed in the vehicle in the central part, but not being central, and only after the car axle and cabin between occupants, the car is still in view of the rear, but it rear engine layout somewhat different manner, in order to better distinguish between the two forms, one in the engine compartment between the rear axle and the occupants of this arrangement as "in the engine." Needless to say, the mid-engine rear-wheel-drive car is definitely. Rear-wheel-drive mid-engine type short MR.

Only a few senior home in a sports car engine rear-wheel-drive model, in general, it is difficult to see MR car design. MR is the remarkable features of the biggest vehicles in the heavy engine inertia at the central body, which is to get the best sports car MR Properties of the most important that the MR cars because the body weight distribution almost ideal balance. MR direction sensitive and accurate car, brake there will not be any end of the first Shen Alice phenomenon.

MR car has a congenital defects - linear instability. To solve this problem, all MR car rear than the size of the front wheel, thus effectively address these birth defects. The second disadvantage is that the compartment is too narrow, generally only two seats. In addition, since the occupants officers from the engine too close, the greater the noise. However, only the pursuit of control of the car people, is not between these, and even some people more willing to hear the roar of the engine growl.
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