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       FuYa Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts.The major products are Head Rotor(VE Pump Parts) Nozzle,Plunger,Delivery Valve and so on.As a elder manufacturer for diesel engine parts, we keep step with the international standard and technics.And we absorb the advanced producing and testing technic.The quality of our products are in the same class with other overseas famous manufacturers.
Ten Diesel Engine development direction
?First, the application of modern design and technology and modern design means, by shortening product development week. Improve product intelligent level, improving performance.

Second, Weike continuously reduce emissions and noise, to meet the more stringent environmental want to. Car harmful emissions from diesel engines, including CO, HC, NOx and particulate matter, mainly gasoline engine CO and HC, NOx and diesel mainly particulate matter. Now European countries, the implementation of the Euro II emission regulations, the United States Chau California emissions regulations is the world's most stringent emissions regulations, Japan and the European emissions regulations generally quite regulations. Emissions regulations will be further strengthened, and the need for more advanced machines from the aircraft and purification measures. Noise regulations will be further strengthened, need to structure design, material??selection and processing, to take measures to achieve regulatory requirements.

Third, the development of all-electric cars with diesel engine products. Use the results of the microelectronic technology, the internal combustion engine fuel inlet, exhaust and cooling systems control, and the environment, such as the breakdown of the situation and to respond to the implementation of automated management. Diesel vehicles also meet emission regulations necessary technical measures.

Fourth, the further development of high-efficiency, high-pressure than the turbocharger system and the cooling technology. Supercharger and the cooling technology has been widely adopted in the multi-cylinder machine, and a modern emissions regulations, and meet noise regulations necessary technical measures.

Fifth, the development of small high-speed direct injection diesel engine combustion system. As the spray combustion system to reduce about 10% of the fuel consumption and reduce the heat load cylinder head, in the large and medium-sized diesel engine used in all. In the small high-speed diesel engine for passenger car use is also more at Europe and the United States developed in the three L (100km fuel) cars, is the preferred small diesel engine.

6, the use of advanced technology to further reduce energy consumption Diesel Engine products. Improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines, reduce energy consumption in the internal combustion engine, the internal combustion engine is an eternal theme. At present, the effective efficiency of large diesel engines for almost 50%. Automotive gasoline engine fuel consumption for 260-340 g / kw h, automotive diesel engines for the 200-270 g / kw h. To further improve the energy consumption of diesel engine vehicles, the need for more advanced technology, to improve combustion efficiency and mechanical efficiency.

?7, the development of new fuel injection system, the injection pressure fuel injection system. This is to improve the combustion process, reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions and lower noise effective measures. At present, the development and application of a pre-stroke pump adjustable, electronically controlled common rail fuel injection pump and nozzle system.

8, the development of exhaust after-treatment technology. When emissions regulations to further strengthen the laws and regulations of the European II standards, the need for a plane, on the purification measures, including exhaust gas recirculation, oxidation catalyst technology, from NOX catalyst.

?9, promote the use of spray-cylinder gasoline engine technology. Gasoline direct injection gasoline engine is substantially improve fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions of effective measures. At present, Japan has come out products.

?Promote the use of clean energy in the internal combustion engine (LPG and CNG and other alternative fuel engines). Motor vehicles are the main urban air pollution sources, in addition to continuously strengthen the internal combustion engine vehicle emissions regulations, as far as possible to reduce their harmful emissions, the use of cleaner fuels is an effective measure to make major emissions reduced by 30% -90%. At present, foreign countries have about 6 million fuel gas (LPG and CNG) vehicles.
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