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VE Pump


Measurement of each cylinder's delivery at any speed.

1. Typical product. Output power 5.5 /7.5/11/15/18.5/22/30KW
2.? Checking of each cylinder's injection timing with static. 2. Inverter driver. Electric supply 3phase380V/50HZ£¨or on request)
3. Checking of the sealing of injection pump body.


Adjusting speed by two ways, hand and preset speed. 7-steps speed preset. Interaxe height 125mm
4. Checking of the advance device in dynamics. 4. High output torque, low fall of rotation speed. Adjusting speed quickly. Volume of fuel tank 60L
5. Checking of the pneumatic governor. 5. Speed, strokes, advance angle and oil temperature are displayed by digital instruments.?? Cylinders 12cyl.
6. Checking of the mechanical governor. 6. With protect function for over and low voltage and short phase.?? Feeding fuel pressure low£º0-0.4MPA


7. Checking of the vacuum capacity of governor. 7. Save electric power. Range of speed £¨+/-£©0-4000RPM
8. Measurement of the internal pressure of distributor pump body. 8. It can test both distributor ( VE ) and in-line pumps. Control fuel temperature 40+/-2
9. Measurement of the reflux delivery of distributor pump.     DC. supply 12/24V
10. Testing of the electro-magnetic valve of distributor pump.     Output air -0.05-0.3MPA
11. Checking of the transfer pump.        
12. Checking of the LDA.
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