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VE Pump


Map and check the curve of governor(idle , part and full load ).

1. Quick view the characteristic curve of governor in dynamics.Test pump with the curve of governor. Save time, save effort, rapid, audio-visual,accurate.

It's a very good tool for specialist to test pump.

Power 5.5 /7.5/11/15/18.5/22/30KW
2.? Checking of the advance device in dynamics. 2. Computer (industrial computer work station, hand book, pc) measure and control. Standard computer and standard ports. CD-ROM drive, hard disk, Windows operating system. Electronical supply 3phase,380V/50HZ (or on request)
3. Measurement of each cylinder's delivery at any speed.


High definition, LCD or CRT monitor. Interaxe height 125mm
4. Checking of each cylinder's injection timing with static. 4. Four ways to adjust speed. Hand, digital,programmed 8-steps preset,slide. Volume of fuel tank 60L
5. Measurement of rack travel at any speed. 5. You can set up test data of injection pump,and use it to control test bench. DC.supply 12/24V
6. Checking of the LDA. 6. You can set up database of governor's curve. Feeding fuel pressure low£º0-0.4MPA


7. Checking of the mechanical governor. 7. You can compare the test curve with the standard curve of governor. Range of speed £¨+/-£©0-4000RPM
8. Checking of the pneumatic governor. 8. You can get a report of a tested pump. Control fuel temperature 40+/-2
9. Checking of the vacuum capacity of governor. 9. Patent technology. Cylinders 12cyl.
10. Measurement of the internal pressure of distributor pump body. 10. Two control system. Computer and instruments.You can select one of them. Output air -0.05-0.3MPA
11. Measurement of the reflux delivery of distributor pump. 11. With protect function for over and low voltage and short phase.    
12. Testing of the electro-magnetic valve of distributor pump. 12. Save electric power. Direct drive AC motor.    
13. Checking of the transfer pump. 13. High output torque,low fall of rotation speed.Adjusting speed quickly.    
14. Checking of the sealing of injection pump body. 14. It can test both distributor ( VE )and in-line pumps.    
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